Tiger Paddlers remain undefeated to grab top spot

By Francis Marvin De Ungria

Photo by UAAP Season 85 Media Team

The UST Tiger Paddlers dominated the Men’s category of the UAAP Season 85 collegiate table tennis tournament, winning all of their matchups to earn a clean 6–0 record, Monday, at the Makati Coliseum.

They got off to a strong start on day one, winning nine total matches and dropping only two of them.

Day two proved tougher though, after sweeping La Salle, 3–0, they faced Adamson who were led by then-undefeated players Jay Villaviray and Amiel Aroma.

UST’s Ruiz Marcelino lost his first match of the season against Aroma but Eljey Dan Tormis quickly tied the game after dealing Villaviray his first match loss of the tournament.

The pairing of Balucos and Lagorra gave Adamson the lead, 2–1, but UST’s Castro quickly tied things up to force a do-or-die game five. Sevilla stepped up for Tiger Paddlers, sweeping the game against Polido for the series win.

UST finished day two with another clean slate as they breezed through their series against FEU, 3–0.

Marcelino and Tormis lead UST in the Men’s category each with a 5–1 match record. The Al Sanchez partnership with Prince Garcia and De Leon also led UST to clinch a combined 4–0 match record in the doubles matchups.

In the Women’s category, UST clinched the second seed, tying with FEU and Ateneo with a 4–2 record.

It was a rocky start for UST losing to La Salle 3–1. They, however, finished strong, sweeping both of their series against UE and Adamson.

Ateneo dealt with UST’s second series loss on day two, only being able to win one game. But UST quickly got back on track sweeping their series against FEU and winning against UP 3–1.

Encarnacion currently leads UST with a 4–1 match record along with Gabisay’s pairing with Villanueva and Derecho with a 4–1 match record.

In the Juniors division, the UST boys clinched the third seed with a 3–2 record, losing against Adamson and La Salle. While their girl counterparts, dominated the competition with a 5–0 record led by undefeated duo of Gades and Manada.

The UST Tiger Paddlers will look to continue their dominance across all categories in the second round of the tournament on Nov. 24 as they attempt to duplicate their golden double season in 2019.

The Stats:


*Name — Matches record (Sets record)

Set — After a player scores 11 points

Matches — After a player wins 3 sets



Marcelino — 5–1 (16–7)

Tormis — 5–1 (16–8)

Sevilla — 2–0 (6–0)

Castro — 1–0 (3–0)

Alvin — 1–0 (3–1)


Garcia/Sanchez — 2–0 (6–1)

De Leon/Sanchez — 2–0 (6–2)

Garcia/Maldia — 0–2 (2–6)



Encarnacion — 4–1 (14–4)

Cartera 1–0 (3–0)

Derecho 1–1 (4–3)

De Leon 1–1 (4–3)

Digamon 1–2 (5–8)

Gabisay 0–1 (2–3)


Gabisay/Villanueva — 3–1 (9–5)

Derecho/Gabisay — 1–0 (3–0)

Digamon/Villanueva — 0–1 (1–3)



Datahan — 4–0 (12–1)

Clamucha — 2–1 (8–5)

Revelar — 1–0 (3–0)

Bragancia — 1–0 (3–1)

Melendez — 1–1 (3–3)


Bayona/Revelar — 2–1 (6–4)

Agunod/Bayona — 1–0 (3–0)

Bragancia/Datahan — 1–0 (3–0)



Gudes — 5–0 (15–3)

Manada — 3–0 (9–0)

Alarcon — 1–0 (3–0)

Gabisay — 1–0 (3–0)

Sanchez — 1–1 (3–3


Agreda/Alarcon — 2–0 (6–2)

Pengson/Sagreda — 1–0 (3–0)

Pengson/Villanueva — 1–0 (3–0)



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