Realized dream


By Ada Pelonia

(Artwork by Ada Pelonia/TomasinoWeb)

It’s been continuous tough years almost passing by like a whiff of wind yet the montage of anxiety jitters, caffeine-induced migraines from continual all-nighters, and ardent grit to brave through hurdles reels in as the white monoblock chairs get filled with animated students.

Who would have thought, right? This image of ornate grandstand and gleaming lights that gilded our faces was but a constant dream from freshmen years now realized.

Tomorrow, buoyed by the flickering flames of the candles in our hands and the fit of giggles from friends we hold dear, we bid goodbye to the doubts that plagued our hearts as we push through the overwhelming uncertainty of the future head-on.

Engraving the picture of this moment in memory, a constant reminder of courage plucked from within.




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