Obiena comes out victorious in Liechtenstein tilt to finish 2022 season

2 min readSep 12, 2022


By Ernest Martin Tuazon

Photo from Tobias Schwarz/AFP

World №3 EJ Obiena finished his 2022 campaign on a high note with a gold medal finish in the Liechtenstein leg of the Golden Fly Series, early Monday morning (Philippine time).

The 26-year-old Olympian cleared 5.71 meters in two attempts to snag his fifth gold in a span of three weeks to cap off the year.

Obiena began his hunt for another victory at the height of 5.51m, which he easily cleared in one attempt. Joining him in completing the said height were American bets Nate Richartz, Austin Miller, and Olen Tray Oates, while Austrian Riccardo Klotz rounded up the pool.

The Thomasian pole vaulter begged off from 5.61 meters, while Klotz, Miller, and Richartz all missed their three tries at the height.

Oates and Obiena headed on to 5.71 meters, where the former could not utilize all of his three attempts, compared to Obiena who was able to do so in two tries en route to his fifth gold.

However, Obiena was not done yet as he aimed to join the six-meters club in hopes to reset his personal best, a national record, and Asian record of 5.94-meters. He failed to do so in three tries, but his last attempt was the closest he has ever been to clearing the said height.

“I hope I gave you a good show, but yeah I wanted to jump a little bit higher [than 5.71m],” Obiena said in his post-game press conference.

Oates and Klotz completed the podium with 5.61m and 5.51m clearances respectively, while Obiena earned another victory with a maximum vault of 5.71m.




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