Former PRO CSC candidate wins LSC presidential post

Photo courtesy of Jeric Mataga

Former Central Student Council (CSC) candidate Carl Jeric Mataga was declared president of the College of Information and Computing Sciences (CICS) Student Council on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Gathering a total of 800 votes in favor and 86 unanswered, Mataga was elected to the presidential post for the academic year 2021–2022.

Last April, Mataga faced red-tagging allegations after the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) instructed him to remove his protest Zoom background during the Tagisan 2021 where he ran as a CSC public relations officer (PRO) candidate.

Reminiscent of his previous CSC campaign, the CICS president still wants to push for democratic rights, student welfare, and the safe reopening of schools.

Mataga told TomasinoWeb that he wishes to leave a legacy for the CICS Student Council by being committed to collaborating with student organizations and student’s welfare.

“Afterall, the student leaders are in the best position to represent the voices, grievances, and needs of the students,” he said.

The CICS Comelec also announced the fellow independent candidate Marjorie Claire Marcelino’s victory in securing the position as the CICS PRO for the present academic year.

In a resolution posted by the college Comelec, the CICS Student Council held the Special Elections from Sept. 13 to Sept. 18. Results were casted on the final day of the elections, Sept. 18.

The CICS Comelec reported a 61.61 percent voter turnout for this year’s elections. Vacancies for other student council positions were brought by absence of filing candidates.



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