Design expert: Use design to spread peace

(Photo by Yuan Reyes/TomasinoWeb)

It is important to spread peace through design, President of the Cumulus Association said in a research forum of the UST College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) on Thursday, Nov. 24.

Professor Lorenzo Imbesi, President of the Cumulus Association, an association of higher education institutions in the fields of art, design, and media, emphasized how student designers can contribute to change for peace.

“We can start from the concept of borders to the concept of a contact area where we can get in touch and meet each other,” he said.

Imbesi’s presentation was named “Design Culture(s) for Peace” due to the armed-conflict in Ukraine.

“I wrote you this title because, since the war started between Ukraine and Russia, I think it is very important to send a message of peace,” he added.

His research presentation included concepts about collectivity, ethics, post-production, contamination, and their recent projects as part of research.

The said projects included “Designin’ Rome,” which focused on society, “Save the Children,” for underdeveloped areas, and “Urban M,” which centered on building collaboration spaces in chosen areas.

He also called upon the changes in the environment and how design can easily be used.

“Many people can use design, not only at the university but also outside…education in design is not limited in the university and current spaces but also the society…making us as designers in a different position than before,” Imbesi said.

The research forum was a collaborative project of the CFAD Research and International Relations with the Industrial Design Department with the theme “Practice, Research, and Education: Inclusivity, Diversity, and Mobility.” — Patricia Lumenario



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